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Blue Palms of Arizona features a wide array of beautiful, unique products for the discriminating buyer.

Featured Product: Glass Nail Files

Due to the unique manufacturing technique, the filing surface of our Glass Nail File is finely and uniformly roughened.  This ensures a more gentle file and results in a smoother, less damaged nail.  If used regularly, Glass Nail Files prevent chipping, cracking and nail splitting. 

Regular use of the Pedicure File removes rough areas from the feet and will have you sandal ready in no time.  The abrasive surface of the Glass File is created out of the file body, thus it does not wear out.  Glass Nail Files are wonderful for professional use in Salons.  Along with excellent performance, Glass Nail Files are not porous and can be Sterilized with Heat, Liquids or UV Light, helping eliminate or reduce the spread of bacterial or fungus infection.  Glass Files do not corrode or have any grinding grains to fall off.  Glass Nail Files are suitable for both natural and artificial nails.  For artificial nails it is recommended to dip the file in water to help dissipate heat buildup.  

Maintenance is simple: rinse your file under warm, running water.  For a more thorough cleaning you can employ a toothbrush on the file.  Glass nail files are gentle enough to use on a baby's nails and tough enough to use on pet toenails.  You'll find you spend less time filing as there are no rough spots to chase!  

Spend a few minutes with one of our hand-painted glass files and you'll hate to be without it!

Thursday, April 17, 2014
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